Pro Sentry strives to provide bespoke staffing solutions which cater for the needs of the residents and enhances the community ethos by providing a clean, safe and secure environment.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients and listening to their requirements to ensure the right personnel are deployed. We create long-term partnerships, where we work in unison, to ensure a high quality of service and one which is fluid, to allow it to evolve with the changing requirements.


Pro Sentry was founded by Mohammed Rashid, who has over ten years of experience working in the Professional Security and Concierge Industry.

Having initially worked for a variety of Corporate Clients and Local Authorities, Mohammed went on to work with SIA in order to raise standards within the industry and encourage a more professional approach to be adopted.

In more recent times, his primary focus has been on increasing awareness of the additional benefits having SIA trained staff can bring and how by adopting industry procedures it allows for sites to be run more effectively. Having worked on a number of high profile developments within London, an in-depth understanding has been gained of the market and the solutions required for landscapes which are changing.

Recently Mohammed has collaborated with Atiq Malik to develop pioneering practical approaches, in order to meet the unique needs of the diverse client base.

Atiq has worked within the service industry for a number of years, aiding clients in both the Private and Public sector, to understand the risks associated with the activities they undertake. Utilising the wealth of knowledge he has gained, he advises on best practice and how to achieve this in varying scenarios, providing clients with tangible and quantifiable benefits. The ethos which has underpinned his success is the commitment made to clients and the continual desire to achieve results which exceeded expectations.

Pro Sentry remains unique when compared to mainstream suppliers and continues to build on the strengths of its past, whilst adopting an innovative approach for the future.